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Resort Guidelines

Southern Springs RV Resort in Ocala would like to welcome you as our guest. Our goal is to make certain that your stay with us is relaxing, enjoyable and secure. We take pride in keeping our Resort clean and beautiful for you. We ask that you read our guidelines and help us keep it that way.

**If you have paid in full, NO refunds will be given, under any circumstance, in the event that you must depart after the beginning of your stay. If you are paying monthly and must depart earlier than your departure date, the length of your stay will revert back to the pricing for that time length and balance is due before departure, no refunds, no exceptions. If balance is not paid in full at time of departure, SSRVR will process the balance from the card on file. Monthly rent and electric shall be paid by the 1st of the month with a 3 day grace period. If monies owed are not paid, a late fee of $10.00 will be charged to your account on the 4th.**

  1. Do not move your unit to an unassigned site without the manager’s approval. You may request a site, but no site is guaranteed. Your site # can change from the time you requested till the time you arrive.

  2. Quiet time starts at 10:00pm and ends at 8:00am.

  3. Check in time is 1:00pm, check out time is 11:00am. You must notify the office upon checkout.

  4. Two vehicles per site and no vehicles are allowed to be parked on the grass or roadways. No parking on unoccupied sites without prior approval from management.

  5. Any improvements, changes, additions to your site must have managers approval. Sites need to be kept clean and tidy at all times. Free standing clotheslines are not allowed. Deck boxes are allowed.

  6. We do not have trash pickup. Dumpsters are available at the park entrance. Do not utilize the resorts garbage cans as the dumpster, these are for small items only.

  7. Florida State Law requires all sewer connections to be secured with sewer rings.

  8. Washing your vehicles including your RV is allowed after you inform the office and charges will be applied to your account. The cost per vehicle is $10.00 and $20.00 for your RV. Working on vehicles/RV needs to be approved by management. Mobile services do not need prior approval.

  9. No trees or bushes shall be cut or trimmed on the resort’s property. Seek assistance from the office.

  10. Alcoholic beverages are permitted in designated areas and your sites.

  11. Homemade school buses and RVs are not allowed. The office staff has the authority to refuse any RV that does not meet resorts standards. The resort has a 10-year rule for the age of the RV’s. If the RV is older than 10 years, approval will be needed by the manager.

  12. No glass bottles, containers, and no smoking in or around the pool (fenced) area is allowed.

  13. You must present yourself with respectful behavior at all times. Management has the authority to refuse any person’s entry and/or have them and their belongings removed from the park.

  14. Pets are allowed and cannot be left or tied outside unattended at any time. Pet fencing is allowed upon approval from the manager.

  15. Discharge of firearms is strictly prohibited, and no fireworks of any kind is allowed in the resort.

  16. Furniture outside your unit is limited to clean, outdoor patio furniture and chairs. Potted trees and plants are allowed but limited to 5 per site.

  17. Raised, covered/screened fire pits are allowed at your site. You must discard debris/coals properly, not dumped on sites.

  18. NO solicitation on the resort grounds.

  19. All outdoor items on grass area must be removed prior to scheduled lawn cutting days which will be announced ahead of time, via email.

  20. You must check in any overnight guests and pay the $5.00/day/guest fee at the office.

  21. SSRVR will do the initial spraying/granules for ants at your site before arrival. You are responsible to keep up the treatments, if needed for your stay. If you would like SSRVR to accommodate continued ant control for you, there will be a charge added to your account of $15.00 per visit and you muscontact the office each time you need treatment.

  22. SPEED limit through out the park is 5 mph as posted.


The management of Southern Springs RV Resort, always reserves the right to terminate a guest(s) for reasons the former shall deem objectionable and will not be responsible for damage to recreational vehicles or any other personal property, nor accidents, nor injury to guest, fire, theft, or loss of valuables in or around recreational vehicle.


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