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Resort Guidelines

Southern Springs RV Resort in Ocala would like to welcome you as our guest. Our goal is to make certain that your stay with us is relaxing, enjoyable, and secure. We take pride in keeping our Resort clean and beautiful for you. We ask that you read our guidelines and help us keep it that way.

  1. Do not move your unit to an unassigned site without management approval. Your site is guaranteed only if your days are paid for.

  2. Quiet time starts at 10:00 pm and ends at 8:00 am. Visitors of resort guests must leave by 10:00 pm.

  3. Two vehicles per site and no vehicles are allowed to be parked on the grass. No parking on unoccupied sites. Ask for assistance when additional parking is needed. 

  4. Parents are held liable for all behavior and actions of their children. They must be supervised at all times in all areas of the park, including the pool. No bike riding after dark.

  5. No skateboarding or rollerblading is allowed. ATV’s are also prohibited.

  6. Nothing is allowed to be tied or hung from a tree or post. Clotheslines are not allowed.

  7. Any improvements, changes, additions to your site must have prior written approval. Any permits are guest responsibility. No storage around/under your RV.

  8. No EZ-Ups, screen rooms, tents. Gazebo with prior approval.

  9. We do not have trash pickup. Dumpsters are available in designated areas for your convenience.  Do not leave your trash out overnight.

  10. Florida State Law requires all sewer connections to be secured with sewer rings.

  11. You must receive written approval from the office before an RV or car repair is permitted on site. Washing your vehicle is allowed only when you purchase a pass from the office. You do not have to purchase a pass if you remove bugs from the front of your vehicle upon arrival.

  12. No trees or bushes are allowed to be cut or trimmed. Request help from the office, if needed.

  13. Alcoholic beverages are permitted in designated areas or at your site.

  14. No one under the age of 16 is allowed to drive any motorized vehicle, including golf carts, without an adult licensed driver.

  15. Homemade School buses and RV’s are not allowed unless inspected and approved by the office. The staff has the authority to refuse any rig that does not meet resort standards. We do not allow pop-ups, tents, vans or van conversions.

  16. No glass bottles or containers in or around the pool area.

  17. You must present yourself with respectful behavior at all times. Management has the authority to refuse any persons entry, and/or have them and their belongings removed from the park.

  18. We are a “Pet Friendly” Resort, with exception of aggressive breeds/behavior. Pets may not be tied out or left unattended at any time.. No excessive barking

  19. No pets in buildings.

  20. Pet fences can not be taller than 4 feet tall and constructed of black metal.

  21. Discharge of firearms is strictly prohibited and no fireworks of any kind are allowed in the park.

  22. Furniture outside your unit is limited to clean, outdoor patio furniture and chairs.  Potted plants or trees are allowed, but limited to five per site.

  23. Residents staying for 4 months or longer are allowed to have a shed on their site.  To be consistent, the brand must be Lifetime and 8′ x 10′ in size. The shed will be on a wood platform and will need written placement pre-approval.

  24. Raised, covered/screened fire pits are allowed at your site.  It is requested, however, that debris/coals be disposed of responsibly and not dumped on site.

  25. No solicitation.  No sales or display of goods permitted at individual sites.

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